Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some info about Nintendo 3DS

I have great news for people who waiting for that handheld. in Europe at 25th March 2011 and two days later in the US, Nintendo will start selling this very interesting console :D

3DS have a SpotPass option which can be used to connect to WiFi network and play games in Multiplayer, we will be able to watch in 3D, TV channels like Eurosport or Sky. But 3DS is made for games, so here's a list of games which will be released to June's E3.

# Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
# The Sims 3
# Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
# PES 2011 3D - Pro Evolution Soccer
# Crush 3D
# Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D
# Rayman 3D
# LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars
# Ridge Racer 3D
# Super Monkey Ball
# Thor: God of Thunder
# Puzzle Bobble Universe
# Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
# Dead or Alive Dimensions
# Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars
# Asphalt 3D,
# Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D
# James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes
# Driver Renegade
# Rabbids 3D

Are you waiting for that handheld ? If you are write what games will be interesting for you :D

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Feel free to write your opinion :D