Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello and Welcome :D

Hello everyone :D
In my first blog i will post a photos, videos, some info's about PC Hardware, maybe software and some other fun stuff ! :D

In the beginning, i've got a question, which car in your opinion is better, modern technology or classic ? :D

Feel free to comment :D


  1. just saw on someone elses blog a mclaren f1 put the bugatti veyron to shame in a mile track, the F1 didnt win but its 400hp less and like 19 years old or soemthing, so i guess ol skool haha btw captcha is on...

  2. I think the F40 is one of the best car ever made, but of course we can't miss new technologies :D

    BTW: Thanks for the info, i forgot 'bout that captcha :D

  3. yeah it's very nice car, and very fast :D But I think McLaren F1 is better (LEGEND :P)

  4. Just based on looks, the classic wins. But I don't know anything about cars.