Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Back :D

Hello :) So first news which i will provide you is about Microsatellites :P

A company called MSCI will launch a 78 microsatellites into space, what is best, each one of these microsatellites will cost 12 million $, a simple calculation and we have a real cost of all satellites - 936 million $ Oo...

MSCI hope that satellites will provide a telecom all around the world (hopeless?). This network will be called COMMStellation, MSCI think this network will provide all around the world a internet in 3G mobile speeds.

Here is an interview with David R.Cooper, President and CEO of MSCI.

Feel free to write your opinion about this idea :D

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  1. That's crazy, but I guess tech will get smaller and smaller.